Al Ain Tour

Al Ain Tour - Duration: 7 Hours

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Al Ain Tour

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The trip to Al Ain City is one of the most interesting excursions within the Emirates. Known as the garden city. Al Ain belongs to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi yet offers a different scenery. Just 90 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the area is blessed with substantial underground water resources. It is an extremely fertile region, rich in greenery with numerous farms, public parks and important archaeological sites.

The road from Dubai takes you through a spectacular desert scenery until you reach the lovely deser oasis Al Ain. Nowadays, Al Ain has become a green, blossom and flourishing city. Here you will visit Al Ain Museum, which gives you an insight into the history of the area. Moreover, you will witness the tradition and heritage of Al Ain, by visiting the largest camel market of the UAE.

On our way back to Dubai, we will explore the Hilli exactions. 

Transportation will be by car or luxury coach

Timing: 7 hours

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